Sunday, February 15, 2009

Net 20

+ $20 - I recently decided to surf through the Craigslist ads just to see what was out there. Instead of finding some thing I HAD to have, I found some thing to get rid of instead. Some one was looking for a lime green bumbo seat. I just happened to have one collecting dust in the basement. I got it about 6 months ago off e-bay. With shipping I think I paid $25. The person was offering $20 for any one who had a used one to sell. Sweet! So, I met her Friday night and the deal was done. Now that the net cost of the seat was only $5 I feel a lot less guilty about the fact that she only used it a handful of times. I know I would have only gotten $10 for it at the local consignment shop or at a garage sale, so I'm pleased with the decision.

+ $10 - I just got my $10 rebate check from Bayer from the Walgreen's deal last month. I'm always nervous about rebates, but love when they work out. This is some thing I want to work on.

- $10 - Between the two deals, I brought in an extra $30 this month. Perfect timing since my local Once Upon A Child store was having a big sale yesterday. They had a grab bag sale where you could get all the clearance items you could fit in their grab bag for $10. Admittedly, the bag wasn't very big, but when you are buying infant clothes you can still get quite a bit for the money. I did my best to search for good deals. I picked up several odds and ends Gymboree pieces and a couple other things I thought we could use. I was able to get all this...

for $10!!! Some of it is for now and a couple pieces for later. It includes 4 Gymboree pieces (knit pants, 2 overalls, and capri's), a pair of jeans, a pair of cords, and 2 summer outfits for Addison plus a pair of sweats and Wiggles pj's for Troy. In addition to all that they had 10% off every thing else, so I picked up a couple other things too. I probably could have found more good deals but Addison was getting crabby.

= Net $20. Another good shopping weekend. Now time to plan my grocery trip.


Melinda said...

My daughter has been selling quite a few things on craigslist lately.

I wish we had more thrift/consignment stores in my area. We have only one and it is totally overpriced. You can seriously get better deals at the mall with sales!

Great bargains! :)

Kara said...

You found some super cute things - really inspiring! It always bothers me when people say they can't find anything "good" second-hand. You've proven it can be done.

Way to go on the resale & rebate, too!


TA-TA said...

There are a lot of things in OUAC that I think are over priced, but there are just as many good deals. I try to stock up when they are having sales, like this past weekend. Last summer they had a Buy One Get One Sale for every thing in the store. I'm stashing some cash in anticipation of another sale like that. The key to consignment/resale is patience... you have to be search for the good pieces some times.


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