Saturday, January 8, 2011

Financial Goals: 2010 Update

As I look back on our 2010 Goals I'm amazed by how much things change in a year. The goals we followed we smashed. The rest, well... they just seem so insignificant to me now. I see the value in the accountability, but the reality of the time involved in tracking stuff in the blog format, creating a price book, etc just doesn't fit with living life with a young family.

Here are the updates on the 2010 goals that we did focus on:

Goal: Set specific dollar amount to save for car replacement, home improvements, and other major savings categories and track it in side bar. -- We set the amounts early in the year, but didn't track them in the sidebar.Goal: Save 50% of car replacement fund by the end of 2010.- Actually saved 100% of the amount we targeted AND bought a new to us car. Paid cash for the whole thing.
Goal: Save 75% of deck replacement fund by the end of 2010 (other 25% in 2011). - Actually saved 100% and built a new deck in pergola. Paid cash for the whole thing.
Goal: Budget money each month for clothes for the kids, so there are fewer surprises and less temptations. - I got a lot better at separating my categories in 2010. My spreadsheet is a lot longer, but I have separate categories for clothes, gifts, entertainment, blow, etc now that I didn't have in 2009

We also did pretty well at the resolution to have more fun in 2010. Tim actually got to golf more, we took a couple weekend trips as a family, joined the Children's Museum, Center for History, and Potawatomi Zoo, I spent some money on my new obsession - Thirty-One, etc. Overall, it's been a great year.

How did you do in 2010? Did you set goals and stick to them?

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