Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Financial Goals and Resolutions

Be Accountable - I find I do best when I have a focus. Even more importantly, I do best when I am accountable to others.Goal: Create 3 Financial Goals each month that I will focus on and track. Post these goals (along with the update for the previous month) by the 5th of each month.
Goal: Review weekly expenses with Tim every Sunday.
Goal: Reinstate side bar tracker for money saved (through couponing and such) and to track larger savings goals.

Be Gazelle Intense - Dave talks about this a lot. I think we were pretty gazelle intense when we were paying off debt, but we've been too content since then. We've been staying on track and watching our money, but haven't had a gazelle intense focus since we met our goal for the emergency fund.Goal: Set specific dollar amount to save for car replacement, home improvements, and other major savings categories and track it in side bar.
Goal: Save 50% of car replacement fund by the end of 2010.
Goal: Save 75% of deck replacement fund by the end of 2010 (other 25% in 2011).

Plan Ahead - I always "find" money each month to cover our expenses, but some times I think I could have done better and planning ahead and saving for those things.Goal: Set 2010 irregular income wish list with Tim. Complete before the end of January.
Goal:Review circulars and coupons on Sunday to plan meals & grocery shopping for the week. STICK TO IT!

Be REAListic - A lot of things got dumped in to our blow fund category last year. This year I'm going to try to keep better track of more specific expenses. I'm not going to track toiletries and personal care items separately, but will break down entertainment, clothing, etc.Goal: Budget money each month for clothes for the kids, so there are fewer surprises and less temptations.
Goal: Review receipts to make sure expense is in appropriate category.
Goal: Create and maintain a price list for major items, especially those frequently purchased at Sam's.

Resolutions:* Increase the amount we give back to the community.
* Have more fun. We're debt free now, it's time to put an entertainment category back in the budget.
* Get grocery budget (more consistently) under control.
* Find new and creative ways to reduce our monthly costs.

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Kara said...

You are amazing!

and, YES!!! Have more fun! You've earned it :-)


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