Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting back on track!

It's time for a new year and reality check. After a week and a half of having a 2 parent household filled with activities and fun, Tim goes back to work today. The house is trashed. My bathroom remodel is only 3/4 the way through. The Christmas decorations are still cluttering the living room. Oh, and the kids are very antsy.

My plan for today is to get back on plan. The Motivated Mom's calendar is printed and on the fridge, I've dusted off the kid's commissions charts (adding one for Addison), and I'm looking forward to a productive day. In addition to our chores for today, I need to put away the decorations (sort what we don't need or is broken), organize my returns, plan out the rest of the week so I don't forget anything.

This week we'll be hosting FPU Alumni where we'll discuss goal setting for 2011. I'll share those later this week once I have formalized my own. What's on your list for today and the new year?

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