Monday, October 25, 2010

Holiday Grand Plan: The Pantry & Closets

So, last week I joined Kara in the Holiday Grand Plan. I can't say I got very far on the list, but it was certainly a nice start on getting back on track for the holidays. In addition to Week 9's task for the Pantry and Closets, I'm also playing catch-up. Here's my plan for this week (with fingers crossed):

Week 9: Pantry & Closets
A lot of people dream of more closet space. I find it to be a curse. I hold on to WAY more stuff than I need to simply because I have a place to put it. I'm really glad this is the focus of the week, because it's a priority in getting the house ready for sale and regaining my insanity. Note: Helping a 91 year old woman move and sell her house will make you wish you had a LOT less stuff.

  • Sort master closet - sort, pitch, donate unworn and unwanted items - Done - four six bags to Goodwill and counting.
  • Store summer clothes  - Done
  • Sort cleaning cabinet under sink - pitch, pitch, pitch
  • Sort Bathroom closet - pictch expired, inventory cold meds, etc
  • Sort hall closet - sort, pitch, donate

Holiday Prep:I have a lot of catching up to do here, especially since I basically did NONE of it last week.
  • Make one batch of holiday goodies - Done
  • Make one freezer meal
  • Create Master Gift List - Almost done. Still not sure on a couple things.
  • Purchase pumpkins for Halloween - Actually might skip this year. Bad mommy!
  • Carve pumpkins - Actually might skip this year. Bad mommy!
  • Finalize costumes for kids
  • Make Halloween Felt Game
Catching up
Since I started the Holiday Grand Plan on Week 8, I'm playing catch-up along the way. I'm started where I joined and working my way backwards. I didn't get too far last week, but have decided it's better to keep going than to beat myself up over what's not done.

Week 6: Kid's Room
There isn't much to do here, since I had just spent serious time on these rooms before listing the house.
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Clean switch plates

Week 5: Master Bathroom
Since there isn't much to do in the kid's rooms and my master bathroom is in MAJOR need of attention, I decided to add it to this week as well.
  • Medicine Cabinet - empty, clean shelves, pitch expired medicines
  • Vanity - empty, clean, sort, pitch, donate
  • Clean mirrors
  • Find new spot for basket on vanity counter
  • Clean and organize shelves above toilet
  • Recycle old magazines
  • SUPER CLEAN shower and toilet
  • Recaulk shower
  • Sweep & mop

Big list. Wish me luck!

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Kara said...

You can do it! And, don't worry about getting everything done - I never do, but figure every thing that I DO get crossed off the list is one less thing that needs doing in December, right? :-)

And, I cleaned our kids rooms a few weeks ago and now you totally can't even tell LOL


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