Monday, October 5, 2009

Financial Check-up: September

I really need the accountability of this blog to stay on track, so expect to see this on a regular basis now. Here's my check-up on how things went in September:

Goals for September:
* Finish fully-funded emergency fund (about 4 months worth of expenses for us) - DONE! We had picked a nice round number that could easily take us through 3-4 months of expenses in the case of an emergency. Thanks to a quarterly bonus and a payment from my customer this month. We're there. On to Baby Step #4 - Investing.
* Keep grocery budget to $500 - No where close. I actually thought I was doing really well and so I stocked up on a few things - cereal, diapers, etc - and then discovered I had overlooked an entry. That mistake and a few other items put me at about $625. UGH! I pledge to do better next time.
* Figure out our investment so we can start the next baby step - Mostly done. We plan on meeting with our financial advisor this weekend to go over several aspects of investing. What we did do was take a lot of time talking to each other (Tim and I) about what we are comfortable with and where we want to be in 5-10-15 years. We have a basic strategy that I'll share once we get all our questions answered this weekend.

Goals for October:
* Keep grocery budget to $500! (This seems like it will be an on-going challenge)
* Review insurance records so I can catch up on all medical/dental payments and plan remaining treatments for the year.
* Start Baby Step #4 and determine our plan of attack!

Share with me... how do you keep your insurance and medical records straight? Does any one else use an HSA? Do you think it's worth it? We have to re-elect in November and I'm trying to decide if we should continue with the HSA or go back to our previous policy. TIA!!!

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