Monday, October 5, 2009

Breaking the Silence

The recent silence is not because there hasn't been much to write about. Quite the contrary. There has been so much going on that I've sort of felt too overwhelmed to even write about it. Those who know me well would tell you that it's a very rare occasion that would leave me speechless, but it's true. I'll try to give you a quick wrap up with the various aspects of my life over the past couple months. Once we catch up, I'll be off and writing again (I'm sure).

The little ones: At Addison's 12 month well-visit, her doctor and I decided it was time to have a developmental evaluation done for Addison. Since she learned her odd little scoot at 10 months... she had stopped putting weight on her legs. She simply would not stand up. We have a great public program that works with children under three. They came out and did an in-home evaluation. Her fine motor skills were off the charts, but she was definitely delayed in her gross motor skills. It took a while before we got things moving, but she's been receiving weekly physical therapy since the first week in July. The first couple months were absolutely exhausting - physically for her, emotionally for me. In August we finally switched to a therapist that was a better fit for us. Since then she has been making amazing progress. It's like some thing switched on in her brain. It's still been exhausting. Each week I've had to rush to pick her up early from day care so she could scarf down some lunch before therapy. I didn't realize how tiresome that routine was until I had a week without therapy. Now I'm anxiously awaiting the end to the physical part, so my mind can rest a little too. I'm so proud of her progress and appreciate the help. Now I think it's time to step back and let her finish growing on her own.

Health: My long work hours and all the other emotional insanity in my life have really taken a toll on my health. I haven't been feeling well for quite some time. It was really the pushing of my loving husband that made me finally admit that. I hate, hate, hate taking pills... and yet I've been popping Excedrin migraine medicine like it's candy lately. I don't know if it's sinus, migraines, stress, what ever but the daily headaches have been more than I can handle. I'm taking the first step to figuring things out by finally going to the doctor tomorrow. I'm really hoping we find some answers quickly. I'm worn out all the time and often can barely open my eyes because of the piercing pain from the light. It'll be nice to be able to enjoy my life again.

Money: This is a definitely bright spot in our house right now. I'm proud to stay we're starting Baby Step #4!!! We have saved enough money to cover 3-4 months worth of expenses. Tim was thrilled to start investing again. I'll post soon on how we're making that work for us, but I'm so glad we've been able to continue moving a head on the Dave Ramsey Plan.

Work: This is probably the biggest reason I haven't written in so long. When we first started the Dave Ramsey plan it was to prove that I could be a stay at home mom and start preparing for that change. After Addison was born I was planning on staying home, but received a persuasive call from my client and decided to extend my work from home business. The plan was to cover a limited market and just work during the couple days Troy was in daycare and in the evenings as needed. For a while, I would have a couple hectic weeks of what seemed like endless hours followed by a break of a couple weeks with no work at all. Lately, though, that hasn't been the case. I've barely had a few days off in between cycles. My planned 4-6 locations a month had grown in to 10-15 with almost non-stop work. When I wasn't working until 11p.m., I was so worn out that I couldn't do much of any thing productive. It's been a mess. On a more positive note, it's helped us reach our financial goals a lot faster and is a big part of the reason we're heading to Disney this December.

A few weeks ago the primary project manager called and asked if I could re-evaluate my rates. Their client had asked them to make cuts and they wanted to know what I could do to help that. Tim and I talked a lot and I offered to cut my rates by 15%. I know they were hoping for more, but that's really all I was comfortable doing at this point. I went a couple weeks without hearing any thing back. During that time, Tim and I talked more and more. Ultimately... I finally decided to call and tell them that I was done. It was time for me to wrap things up and call it quits. I'm still not 100% finished. I have several locations to wrap up, but I'm glad I finally made the decision. I have a whole other post brewing in my head on that topic... so stayed tuned... there will be more writing soon, I promise!

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