Thursday, September 17, 2009

Financial Check-up: August

It's been a long time since I've posted. There's more going on than I can get my arms around right now, but I'm definitely past due on my Financial Check-up (as inspired by Money Saving Mom!).

At the beginning of the month I set 3 goals. So, how did we do...

Goals for August:
* Pay cash for new windows - Done! We finished the house by having windows on our front facade installed at the beginning of this month. We paid for all 5 windows in cash. With the exception of a decorative window in the stairwell, that finishes the new windows for the house. I'm looking forward to a winter without gaps (and views) to the outdoors.
* Keep grocery budget below $500 (ultimate goal of $400, but trying to keep it realistic) - Close! So close! Grand total - $525.35. In reality, we actually met the goal. Part of that was food I ended up swapping with my mom for a $40 scale.
* Set up plan for on-going savings/spending - Done! Tim and I created a wish list for when we have our fully funded emergency fund in place. We wrote out all the things we want - from a new t.v. to home remodeling projects (and even a trip to Disney). Then we put dollar amounts and dates we hope to reach the goal. This is sort of like the plan Dave uses for variable income. As we get the money we'll start crossing things off our list.

Goals for September:
* Finish fully-funded emergency fund (about 4 months worth of expenses for us).
* Keep grocery budget to $500
* Figure out our investment so we can start the next baby step.

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