Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Financial Check-up: July

I've never participated in one of these before, but I think it's time. Accountability is key and I think this will be a good habit to keep me on track. Money Saving Mom does a monthly Financial Check-up. I'm going to start keeping track and tagging up.

July recap: So, what do you do once you pay off your debt. That's what we were faced with in July. After working so hard and paying off our last loan in June, we got a little lazy and did some "celebrating". The result was a high food and blow fund budget line in July. Not some thing we're too proud of. To our credit, though, we also put away $1,850 toward our emergency fund. That's no small chunk of change so I need to give myself a little break

Goals for August:
* Pay cash for new windows
* Keep grocery budget below $500 (ultimate goal of $400, but trying to keep it realistic)
* Set up plan for on-going savings/spending

Stay tuned for my next post... "Driving a clunker: Our Version"

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