Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back at it!

There's been a lot going on here (and lots to write). I'm hoping to have my computer back for longer than a day this time so I can actually get some of the ramblings out of my head and in to the virtual world. For now, I have to share my first planned shopping trip in a long time. During the past few days I've unburied my coupon folder from the trunk, tossed the mound of expired coupons, and filed all my random clippings. For the first time in a long time, I sat down and did my planning myself. I've gotten so caught up in finding the summary of the best deals on line, that I stopped doing what worked well for me (and missing or misbuying a lot in the mean time).

Today was a trip to Meijer. Here's the summary:
E-mealz/meal planning for the week: $28.53
Other grocery items: $41.93

I also picked up some deals on clothing items we needed getting a new pair of tennis shoes for me, insoles for Tim and I (we both have feet issues), socks for Troy, socks for me, and t-shirts for Tim for a total of $46.61

Between my coupons ($22.39), promotions, and sales... I saved $100.27!!!!

Here are a few of the deals I took advantage of:
*Purina Cat Chow - $6.16 - $5 meijer coupon - $3.50 printed coupon = Free + $2.34 overage (a while back some one gave me this deal. I REALLY wish I could find the link again. If you know the link, please share)
*Tyson Boneless Chicken - On sale for $2.19/lb, bought 1.5 pounds - $1 coupon = $1.49/lb.
* Frosted Mini-wheats and Raisin Bran - Regularly $2.99 & $3.39, on sale for $1.88ea. - $1.50/2 = $1.13 each
* Meijer Past - Regularly $1.16, on sale for $.67 each.
* Meijer Apple Juice - Regularly $2.07, on sale for $1.67
* Jennie-O Turkey Sausage - Regularly $4.49, on sale for $3.59 - $5 coupon = FREE + $1.41 overage.

My best deals came on making the most of some promos.
* Buy $10 worth of Coke (on sale $2.50/12pk), get $10 off Tennis shoes. I was already planning on buying the shoes, which were on sale for $31.99 (from $49.99)
* Buy $10 worth of Nabisco, get $10 of three packages of Hanes. Again, we were already planning on buying new socks and white t-shirts which were all on sale. I also used a "Buy Ritz and get free Wheat Thins" coupon to sweeten the deal.

All in all, it was a fun trip. It was nice to get back to the way I used to do it. I have a couple things I still want to get at the drug stores this week, but so far my 2 week total from my grocery budget is $176.10 so I'm below my $200 goal. Woohoo!!!

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