Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meijer - Week of November 9th

I went to Meijer today for a quick trip and ended up doing more shopping than planned. A couple weeks back some thing caught my eye from their seasonal ad for the holidays. It was a special that was running today only, so I went to go cash in on that. I ended up doing some grocery shopping also. I got some of the following:

* Freshlike Veggies - Regularly $1.05 on sale for $0.60 (5/$3)
* Bisquick - Regularly $3.28 on sale for $2.49 - $0.75 Coupon = $1.74
* Chunk Cheese - Regularly $6.27 on sale for $3.99 - Did you know you can freeze cheese?
* Pork Tenderloin - Regularly $7.99 on sale for $4.99
* Apples - Regularly $3.99 on sale for $2.50
* Cottonelle Ultra (24-double rolls) - Regularly $16.99 on sale for $11.99 - $0.50 Coupon doubled = $10.99

I picked up a few more items that were only slightly on sale - waffles, rediwhip, cereal, rice, etc. On the grocery portion I saved $30.07 (26% of my bill). I was able to get the gift item for 50% off today only, so it was a good day.

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Rockin' Granola said...

Okay, I'm really liking how you give detailed shopping trip reports for each store - thank you!

Also, thanks for the cool and useful links that you give. I need to try and make it part of my daily coffee routine to get here every day so that I can see what you've been up to :-)

Love you lots! - Kara


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