Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mixing things up - Walgrens -- (updated)

I'm usually a die-hard CVS fan, but my recent surfing is turning me on to Walgreen's too. While visiting one of my new favorite sites Stretching A Buck, I saw her comments and links for the Walgreen's. I also stumbled on a $5 off $20 purchase at Walgreen's for Friday and Saturday only, so I made a quick trip while Troy was doing his bedtime routine. Here's what I found.

* Progresso - 4/$5 with $1.10 coupon = $0.15 each (They let me use the photo-copied coupons).
* Coffee Mate - 2/$2.49 with $1.50 coupon = $0.99 for 2 (They only had Peppermint.)
* Glade - $0.99 each with $1/2 coupon = $0.49 each
* Renuzuit - $0.99 each
* Turtles - $0.99 each
* Chocolate Covered Cherries - $0.99 each
* Christmas Tags - Buy 1 for $0.99 get 2 free
* Christmas Cards - Buy 1 for $5.99 get 2 free

I also picked up a couple things that weren't on the list - I got a Halloween flag for our yard for 75% off and some 100 calorie candy (this did have a register reward). In all, I got all this...

for $28.74!!!! I saved $43.53 by shopping the ad and using coupons. That's a whopping 60% of my bill. It would have been a lot better if I hadn't splurged on the 100 calorie candy. Those two boxes alone were $7 (YIKES). I felt justified because of my savings, but I need to get that under control.

I plan on saving the turtles and chocolate covered cherries for gifts for Troy's teachers, Tim's partner, and possible hostess gifts or stocking stuffers. I haven't decided if I'm going to use the Peppermint Coffee Mate myself or save it to combine with the Hot Chocolate deal from Kroger. I am envisioning gift baskets with hot chocolate, flavored creamer, candy, etc. for Troy's teachers. (Don't worry, the Coffee Mate is good until the middle of January). Guess I'll have to see what other deals I find between now and then.

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