Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cleaning up

As I mentioned I'm doing a little changing of the blog. I've been going through old posts and removing/changing tags in order to get ready to reinstate the practice. It's been funny to see some of my old posts. I used to spend a considerable amount of time posting about bargains and deals I had found. Since then I have found so many other sites that do this that I no longer feel the need (am guessing no one minds the lack of repeat). You can always find good deals on my side links.

So, what will I fill that space with? I'm hoping to spend more time talking about the emotional side of money. I enjoy reading posts that show some of the trials and tribulations of saving money, getting out of debt, living life, etc. Some of my better posts are about similar topics. I think this is what I would like to get back to doing. Maybe I'll feel more inspired to actually post things if I'm not simply repeating what some one else has already discovered.

Oh... and for any of you who subscribe... I'm sorry for the bombarding repeat posts. I had to republish a lot of the posts in order to clean up the tags. At least now you know why your e-mail box is overflowing! Hopefully soon they will be with things worth reading. We'll see!


Kara said...

Well, I really look forward to your posts and love when I see that this blog is updated. You've are where few can say there are these days: debt free. Yet, you didn't start out that way. You and Tim can offer a perspective that not many can. So, yes, please keep writing :-)

Happy New Year!

Kara said...

holy typos!

make that - You are where few can say they are these days: debt free.

(good grief)


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