Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Warning: You may not like me after this!

I can see pissing some people off with this post, but I feel the need to say it. I don't know if any of you have been following the CVS-Pampers drama of the last couple days or not, but I have and it's really starting to get to me. Multiple sites highlighted an amazing diaper deal - buy a Pampers Jumbo Pack for $8.99 and get $5ECB. It showed up on a CVS link Sunday, but wasn't advertised in the circular. There was a lot of variation in how stores reacted. Most honored the deal if you took the print off; other put limits on it; and a few turned people away telling them to call Customer Service.

I understand the deal was "published" on the website, but it frustrates me how people exploit what I think is a very obvious mistake. When have you ever seen Pampers being sold for $3.99. Even when CVS has their big sales, it's usually spend $25 get $10 in ECB with packs of diapers being $10 each. The people who bought them and were civil about it don't bother me. Some were very good about saying, "I'll just return them if it doesn't work out." It's the people who pushed the limits that make me mad. I heard of one person buying out the entire stock - 17 packs of diapers and getting $5ECB for each one. Again, the usual good deals are limit 1 per card. CVS is even smart enough to make it one per card and not one per transaction, do you really think they would let you use the deal 17 times!?!

I kind of put this up there with copying coupons you're not supposed to (I'll admit, I did this one soup once before I really read an insightful post on the impact stuff like that has) or printing coupons for specific markets or things like that. All it does is raise the price of good later. People are complainng about how they are decreasing the number of diapers per pack. Hmmm... wonder why. Not that Pampers is going to suffer from this deal, but it might affect any special offers CVS was planning on offering on diapers in the near future. I'm sure this was a loss to them. Cheating the system doesn't make you a savy shopper, it makes you a cheat!

Okay, vent over. My attitude was sort of along the lines of 'If this is a ligit deal, it will still be there on Tuesday or later in the week. No need to try to rush it before corporate openned on Monday.' Needless to say, it wasn't a ligit deal. They pulled the misprint on Monday like I suspected.

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Kara said...

"Cheating the system doesn't make you a savvy shopper, it makes you a cheat!"

Well said!


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