Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mid-year Check-in

I've been having a hard time getting motivated to write, so I decided to revisit my Financial New Year's Resolutions.

Accountability: Track savings, as well as spending. I haven't done this for the past few months. I've found it a lot harder since I was shopping at Wal-mart and other places that didn't really track our savings. I think I'm content enough in the fact that we're curbing our expenses that I no longer feel the need to track our savings too.
Check it twice: Create multiple categories instead of grouping every thing in to the grocery budget Again, this is WAY too time consuming. I have split a lot of categories, but I don't always use them. Instead of tracking my cleaning products and stuff, I've simply stopped buying stuff we don't need just because it's on sale. Maybe next year. LOL!
Put a Price on it: Create a price book Wow, I really suck at these resolutions. I haven't done this either. When I switched to e-mealz I got pretty good at tracking that stuff for a while, but I haven't been following that much lately either.
Refi & Refocus: Refinance the house and focus our savings on our last debt, the school loan. DONE!!! WOOHOOO!!! I've got one done!
Attack Debt: Cut the school loan by 50% by the end of the year. I can proudly say we've done this... and so much more. We should be DEBT FREE before the end of the summer, maybe even by the end of July.
Cash for Glass: Replace the rest of the windows in the house (paying in cash, of course). We've already replaced the 4 remaining windows on the rear facade of the house. We are on track to replace the front facade this fall - probably with the September bonus.
Give Back: Recognize our blessings and start giving back to others. I looked in to the Box Project, but never went through with that. I had a fear that it would be more time consuming than I was ready for at this point. Instead, we became a Partner in Hope with St. Jude's Hospital. I've also incorporated a regular tip in to our paper delivery by rounding up our payment and fully plan on holiday tipping this year.
Real it in! Stop buying things just because they are on sale. I think I've come a long way with this. E-mealz has helped a lot because it's given me a focused grocery list. I've sort of "fallen off the horse" the past couple weeks and have more in my pantry than usual, but it's still significantly less than it was. The stuff I stocked up on are things we actually use and won't end up in the Food Pantry Pile, so that's good.
Use it up, Wear it out, Make Do, or Do without! Recycle and reuse more. I'm not sure how we're doing with this. I definitely think we can do better. I'm going to continue to work on this.

I guess it's pretty common for goals to change as the year goes on, so I'm not too bummed by the ones I have abandoned. Overall, our Financial Peace is the best it has ever been so we are very pleased. Now I just need to find inspiration to start blogging again!

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