Monday, May 25, 2009


It wasn't actually too intentional, but I ended up with a good CVS day. I went this morning because we needed band-aids and klenex. I knew there was a good deal on the band-aids that ended today, so I wanted to be sure to take advantage of it while I could. If I had coupons it would have been a better deal, but I couldn't find them.

Trip #1:
* Altoids (x3) - Regularly $1.99, on sale for $0.99 each
* Klenex Anti-viral - Regularly $2.39, on clearance for $1.20 (could use $0.50/3 if you have it)
* Band-Aids - Regularly $4.29, on sale for $2.99 EARNED $2 ECB (could have saved $1 on each if I hadn't lost my coupons).
* Planters Nuts - Regularly $5.49 each, on sale BOGO - $1 printed coupon (x2) = $1.75 each

On that trip I had Troy with me so there was also a small candy treat for him. In all, I spent $19.24, saved $16.08, and earned $4 ECB

I don't normally do multiple trips, but I started thinking about how the Planters cashews would make a great Father's Day gift for my Dad so I went back.
* Planter Nuts - Regularly $5.49 each, on sale BOGO - $1 printed coupon (x2) = $1.75 each.
* Extra Gum (needed filler) - Regularly, $1.29, on sale for $0.99
-Used my 2 coupons and $4 ECB from earlier. I spent $0.48 and saved $11.79

Total for both trips: Spent $19.72 and saved $27.87 (and am ahead on my shopping for Father's Day)
It could have been even better with a few more coupons, but I'm happy with what I got.

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