Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No more excuses! FREE cleaning supplies!

With all the cleaning supplies that have been on sale lately, I don't have any excuse not to do my spring cleaning. In addition to the ones from Meijer last week, I just found out about a great deal at Walgreen's this week. In Stretching a Buck's Deal Round-up, I saw a post about free Pledge. I can't pass up free cleaning products.

Here's how I did took advantage of it...
* Pledge Aerosol - On sale 2/$7 - (2) $3 Coupons = 2/$1 Out of Pocket. I can submit for (2) $1 rebates, so I'll make $1 on the Aerosol when I bought 2
* Pledge Multi-surface Spray - On sale 2/$7 - (2) $2 Coupons = 2/$3 Out of Pocket. I can submit for (2) $1 rebates on these as well, so it's like getting 2/$1

So, the $1 overage on the Aerosol makes up for the $1 cost of the Multi-surface, so it's like getting 4 containers of cleaner for FREE

I also took advantage of the Diet Pepsi deals (Sorry, I can't find a good link right now, but they are in most Walgreen's and CVS posts) to get 4 12-packs for what would be equivalent to $3.64/case. I used my rebate from last month to defray my costs. In all, I saved $28.64 and earned $4 in rebates.

Update: I just noticed by checking the links that the Pledge Aerosol coupon is no longer offered, but the Multi-surface Spray coupon is still there. Still a good deal!

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