Monday, January 12, 2009

You know you're a Dave Ramsey fan if...

(Note: These are some of my favorites from a recent Facebook page Tim found...with a few of my own added in.) feel guilty using money from your debt snowball to buy a snowblower, even though your next payment isn't technically due for 6 years! refuse to check out at the store until you mentally deduct it from your budget
...the voice in your head suddenly has a southern accent even though you were raised in the north.
...your automatic response to the phrase, "Mom, I want..." is "Save up!" call your spouse excitedly to tell them how much you saved on the bread and toilet paper you just purchased. refuse to buy some thing because it's not on-sale this week start a sentence with, "Well, Dave says..." (often causing friends to roll their eyes and walk away) see some one in a BMW and immediately think, "Moron must be fleecing it!" spend more time surfing the internet for deals than you do answering e-mails say, "Because Dave says so!" every time your kids ask why you're eating rice and beans again.'ve had 4 successful garage sales and can still find more things to sell acquaintence calls your house and asks how your husband, Dave, is doing feel good about paying off your student loan (at 5% interest) early instead of investing in mutual funds at 12% feel sorry for a friend that goes on a shopping spree, instead of feeling jealous
...your 2 year old hands you the paper and says, "Here are your coupons, Mommy"
...your coworkers in the next cubicle start wispering about their new car purchase or lease because they don't want to get another lecture from you calculate other people's stupid tax for them price compare thrift stores for the best price enter a store and see no clearance racks so you immediately walk out use vinegar for fabric softner and make people sniff your sleeve to prove it actually works. are eating off a card table because you'd rather use the money for a fully funded emergency fund
...your kids run in fear when you ask, "I wonder what I can sell on E-bay" have enough checks to last for 3 years because you bought them BDR (Before Dave Ramsey) know exactly what Dave will say when a caller asks him a question see people driving fancy cars and your first thought is, "Sucker!" catch yourself saying, "What a rip off" because the sale is only 75% off
...your idea of a big Friday night date with your spouse is sitting reading blogs of other Dave Ramsey fans… and having a blast because we see ourselves (Tim and I actually did this last Friday! We listened to Dave on HULU) turn down invitations to lunch because "it's not in the budget" actually know what a plasectomy is
...your mother looks at your weird because you make $100k a year and you brag about a package of socks you got dirt cheap at Goodwill
...the highlight of your trip to the store is reading, "Today's savings..." at the bottom of your receipt

I think I better stop there. One of my favorite (and true) stories, though, is the following...

You know you're a Dave Ramsey fan when you 2 year old yells "We're going to be rich!" from the back seat after listening to hours worth of cd's in the car.


kelly said...

Those are funny, but so true. We love Dave Ramsey too. We saw him in Tampa in Sept. Thanks for your posts you are inspiring to others to keep working at it too.

Melinda said...

You made me laugh while reading this post! ha I could see myself in some of these!


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