Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reusable Bags

It's not advertised, but I noticed that Walgreen's has their reusable grocery bags on sale this week - 2/$0.99. Most places, around here anyway, usually sell them for $0.99 each so that's a good deal. I compared them to a couple I've bought from other places (Martin's & Meijer) and they seem to be about the same size and every thing. I like Meijer bags best so far, but and 1/2 the cost... we'll see. Right now I'm just picking up a couple each time I go to the store. I'm finding they hold a LOT more than plastic bags; so not only am I saving money and being green, but it has also been a lot easier to carry things in the house. In this weather, that is a very valuable thing.


Sam Jones said...


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TA-TA said...

Thanks, Sam for your post. I did review your site. I can't speak for all my readers, but I would get the majority of them would find the cost of your bags higher than they would like to pay. Similar bags can be purchased at the stores we visit on a regular basis for less and without any shipping charges.

I can see it being a nice marketing tool for businesses who want to put their logo on the bag, but for the average consumer that visits here you'll fing they are probably more interested in saving money than simply being "green"


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