Friday, December 12, 2008

Walgreen's Wednesday

I'm not one of those really good shoppers that only buys what will get me the lowest out of pocket and the most back, but I did find some good deals this week. Here are some of the things I took advantage of:

- Sharpie (2pk) - Buy 1 Get 2 free = $1.99 for 3 (I LOVE SHARPIES!)
- Christmas Lights Cord Organizer - $0.39 each with coupon
- Scotch Tape (3pk) - 2 for $2 - $2 Rebate = FREE
- Pepsi Products - Buy $15, Get $5 in Register Rewards
- Spend $25, Get $5 in Register Rewards

By combining the last 2, I ended up with $10 in Register Rewards. Be sure you watch your receipt because the Sharpies rang up wrong at my store. I actually had to go back today and get them to correct it. They did it without any hassle, which was nice. I went with both kids in toe originally or I may have caught it at the time. One of the things about Walgreens is that you have to watch their coupons. Since they are printed on both sides, it's easy for them to toss one aside because they think it's for some thing you don't have. That happened with the Cord Organizer for me too, so in all I got an adjustment of $7.01 today bringing my savings to $23.31 plus I received $10 in Register Rewards. I used one of the Register Rewards today to buy a family calendar while I was getting my adjustment. Got to splurge on ourselves from time to time, right?

Even with the hassle of going back for the adjustments, I still had a good trip. Sorry this is posted so late, but it's been a crazy week. I still need to update my savings totals on the side bar. Hopefully I'll get to that before the end of the weekend.

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