Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walgreen's Wednesday (a day early)

So, lately I've been holding out to go to Walgreen's on Wednesday when they have their mid-week ads. I didn't see any thing too spectacular and I needed a prescriptions, so I went today. There are several good deals at Walgreen's this week, but my store was a little limited on quantity, so I really only found 1 - Progresso Soup.

Progresso Soup - $0.99 with Walgreen's - $1.10 coupon = FREE + $0.11 overage

The pharmacists almost didn't take the coupon because it was more than the item, but finally she agreed to give it a try. Of course, it worked, but she seemed agitated. I was planning on getting the money marker Russel Stovers in the link above, but my store was out of stock of the luminary. They had other options on sale, but the didn't meet the size in the rebate. I noticed the rebate said 2 specific sizes. It said "and" and not through, so I wasn't willing to take the chance of it not working. I was happy with my soup find and left it at that.

Does any one know whether or not I'm reading the rebate wrong????

I have a feeling Tim will be stopping in to Walgreen's all across our region to stock up on soup. The lite versions really help with dieting.

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