Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As you could tell from my last, I've been doing a little web-surfing for other coupon mom and grocery deals. As I read them, I have to say I feel a little cheated. The stores in my area are not nearly what they could be.

Our 'local' chain, Martins, never has double coupons or any thing exciting like that. They do occassionaly send out special coupons and I can some times get a good deal, but most of the time their prices don't justify the trip. They try to entice people with fuel rewards, but a lot of times that doesn't pay off either. They are good for deli items and have a great salad bar, but I rarely send much time there.

There are not very many Kroger stores in my area. The one that used to be closest to m closed, so now I have to drive a little further across town. Unlike many other Kroger stores I have heard of, ours never has tripple coupon days. They also don't double over $0.50 or round up. Any thing over $0.50 is face value. The worst part is the quality of the store. It's really run down, the selection isn't very good, and it's pretty hard to get in and out of. There are rumors that it's going to be remodled with a gas station added, but who knows if that will ever actually happen. There is 1 other Kroger in the area, but it's at least a 20+ minute drive further than most of the stores in my area. I'm trying to give it another chance.

The big box stores in the area are usually the best bargains. While I really wish that wasn't the case, the bottom line is too important to avoid them in our house. Meijer usually has the best deals. They double coupons up to $0.50 with any thing over that at face value. They won't match prices on grocery items, but usually I can find enough on sale to justify a trip there. Walmart is nice because they price match. They don't double coupons, though. If I have a week where no 1 store has any thing overly exciting or I don't have coupons for the items, I'll take my stack of circular ads to Walmart and do my shopping there. I do take advantage of Sam's Club. I get my best meat deals there. Diapers are always cheaper there too.

I'm hoping that by following other blogs and the deals every one finds, I might be able to start using the Kroger around here a little more. At the very least, I need to keep surfing so I can make sure I'm making the most of the deals I do find.

As always, I'm open for tips and advice. Thanks!

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One Mom, Five Kids said...

There is a Kroger in my hometown about 2 hours away and they double coupons, every day up to $.99 cents. So their .75 cent coupons are worth $1.50!!!

Uhhh....maybe I shouldn't have told you that! :) I don't know why the Kroger stores vary so much in their coupon policies. There are still some good deals to be had if your store just doubles up to .50. And I do agree Kroger produce isn't the best - I LOVE Meijers produce department!


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