Monday, August 4, 2008

Meijer Mayhem

This morning I called Meijer and asked if they price matched. They woman said that they did, you just have to pair the item up with the circular when you checked out. So, I gathered all my ads, sorted my coupons, made my list and headed to the store. As I went through the store, I was frustrated by the fact that many of the items I was looking for were packaged differently - e.g. they had Bounty in 8pks instead of 6pks as advertised at Walgreen's. I guess it's better that they did because it would have saved a lot of hassle later.

When I got to the register, I actually only had 1 item that was from a circular. It's a good thing, too, because it turns out that they don't price match on food items. I was EXTREMELY frustrated, but I still got some good deals.

Meijer Promotions - $8
In-store Savings - $39.13
Coupons - $6.95
Total Savings: $54.08

Since they won't price match, I need to make a trip to CVS and Walgreens. Luckily they're always right across the street from each other. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Do you ever get your groceries at Walmart? They price match and I need to start learning how to work that system. ~Tiffany

TA-TA said...


I have done the price matching at Walmart. That was what I was planning on doing until I was told that Meijer does too. A lot of the "deals" I wanted were at Meijer, so I figured it would save time.

Walmart price match is SUPER easy. You just show the cashier the ad (I circle the item and put them at the end of the order to make it easier). They take it off right at the register. You don't have to go to customer service or any thing. They'll price match any circular - even Aldis, Dollar General, etc. It's awesome!!! I'll be shopping there next time. With gas prices so high, I'm not interested in driving all over for bargains right now.

Walmart doesn't double coupons, but their ease in price matching makes up for it.


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