Friday, May 14, 2010

Financial Check-up: April 2010

It's been a really long time since I have posted. We've been working through some family issues, but hopefully things are leveling out a little and I can refocus on blogging again. It really is a form of therapy for me.

Here's our Financial Check-up for our April goals:
* Complete "Love Letter" of Financial and Personal Information to give to Tim - I struggled with this one. I started gathering all the information and then was suddenly overwhelmed with fear. The "Love Letter" has you list all your account numbers, your passwords, etc. It's a great concept (and probably greatly needed), but I got this overwhelming rush of "What happens if this falls in to the hands of the wrong person." I'm not really sure how to address that issue yet. It makes me understand why so many people have safety deposit boxes. Any suggestions???
* Explore Excel version of FPU forms. See if they will work for us or can be easily modified. - These forms were great. If any one wants me to share I can gladly e-mail them to you. I'm not sure they will work for us because we don't actually use the cash envelope system. I need to explore a little further.
* Help Dave & Shelly get their budget in a format they are comfortable working with. - This is going well. I'm going back again this week to help figure out why it's not balancing correctly. I'm just thrilled they are willing to ask for help. That's a hard thing to do.

May Goals:
* Figure out tax letter (I got a letter that I still owe them money - YIKES!) for Federal and State.
* Re-evaluate "fully funded" emergency fund
* Explore ways to promote FPU Alumni Group -- suggestions welcome!

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Trish said...

I keep all of our info stored in wallet garden.


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