Thursday, April 8, 2010

Financial Check-up: March 2010

I think I struck out on this month, but at least I'm going to be honest about it...

March Goals:
* Expand price list to include other items commonly purchased and other stores - This is a work in progress.
* Get taxes finalized and in the mail - These are finalized, but not in the mail. We're waiting for the Federal return before we right the check to the State.
* Set up college funds for kids - Decided to wait until tax season is over, but we know what we are doing. I'll try to share more when we actually do it.

April Goals:
* Complete "Love Letter" of Financial and Personal Information to give to Tim
* Explore Excel version of FPU forms. See if they will work for us or can be easily modified.
* Help Dave & Shelly get their budget in a format they are comfortable working with.

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