Monday, March 15, 2010

Financial Check-up: February 2010

In all the excitement of my recent posts, I totally forgot about completing my Financial Check-up for February. Late is better than never, right!?!

February Goals:
* Gather all tax information and meet with Accountant. Done, although our taxes aren't finished yet. We ran in to a BIG snag with our investments. I could write a whole post just on that issue (and still might). We've resolved the issue now, but just need to finish the paperwork and get every thing signed.
* Create price list of most commonly purchased items from Sam's. In progress. This will be an on-going thing, but I have at least started.
* Figure out HSA balance and investment options. Turns out we can't invest our HSA balance until it reaches $2000 in the account. Since we've only had it open for a year, we're not there yet.

March Goals:
* Expand price list to include other items commonly purchased and other stores.
* Get taxes finalized and in the mail
* Set up college funds for kids

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