Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Financial Check-up: October

Delayed as always, but here it is.

Goals for October:
* Keep grocery budget to $500! (This seems like it will be an on-going challenge)- I didn't make it under $500, but I'm getting closer. Last month was $519.75. This is the first time I've been below $550 in ages. While this is still an on-going challenge for me, I know it's not realistic with holiday cooking so I'll probably put it on hold until the new year.
* Review insurance records so I can catch up on all medical/dental payments and plan remaining treatments for the year. - DONE!
* Start Baby Step #4 and determine our plan of attack! - Tim has had numerous conversations with our financial advisor. We have our investments in order. He also restarted his 401(k). We're contributing up to the match and plan on investing the rest in a ROTH IRA. I'm not comfortable cutting 11% off our pre-tax income each month, so Tim and I have developed formulas we're comfortable with. Instead of over burdening our monthly budget, what we've decided to do is keep it lean and contribute what we can monthly but to put the majority of the emphasis on Tim's bonuses.

Goals for November:
* Cash in rewards points to start Christmas Shopping
* Create Christmas budget and STICK TO IT!
* Get back to blogging. Writing is my inspiration. I need a lot of that during the holiday season.

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Kara said...

Way to go! I'm impressed with all your goals and your organization. You and Tim continue to be an inspiration to us!

Yes, please do blog more ... I miss your writing and your advice. You've made it past baby step number 2, which is inspiring to me alone - but to read about how you're continuing your walk is inspiring, too. (something to tuck away mentally for later on down the road)

Best Wishes!


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