Saturday, September 5, 2009

Living like no one else: Salvation Army

If you didn't take advantage of the sale today, don't miss out on the $1 Sale that continues Monday at your local Salvation Army.Every holiday weekend they sell all their clothes (excluding coats) for $1 each. Over the 4th of July I picked up several tops. This time I wasn't looking for much and ended up finding fabulous stuff. I found the following:

* 3-piece Worthington Suit (skirt, pant, jacket) in black
* 3-piece Casual Corner Suit (pants, vest, jacket) in tan
* 2-piece teddi skirt with matching jacket
* Black silk pants from Talbots
* 3 dress tops (short sleeved and shell style)

The grand total was $7.49!!! The suits are in excellent condition. The Worthington one is a petite, but the other will have to be hemmed. I really needed some nicer outfits for church and other occasions, so I'm really excited about my finds.

The "Dave" moment came about halfway through my hunt. There was a small group of ND students who were hunting for gag outfits and laughing hysterically at what they were finding. It was one of those moments where the old me would have been embarrassed. All I could think was, "Go ahead. Laugh. You (or probably their parents, actually) are probably going in to some serious debt for you to go to an over priced university and I'm debt free. Laugh away!" By the time those kids pay off their education, I'll be retired and sitting on a beach some place. I'll gladly live like no one else (today) so I can live like no one else (tomorrow).

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