Friday, March 13, 2009

Deal of a different sorts...

Usually I post about deals on food or other household items. Occassionally I talk about deals for the kids, but I rarely talk about a deal for me. Considering most of my closet is either pre-pregnancy (i.e. way too short in the mid-range) or maternity, I decided to splurge on myself when I heard of this deal at Stretching a Buck.

I went to JCPenny and checked out the outlet. I found 2 shirts, signed up for the rewards program, and used the promo code mentioned in the link above.

With the promo code and $5 bonus award for signing up for their rewards program. I got both of these shirts for $0.98 plus shipping - Original retail price for the 2 shirts was $56.00. I paid $7.57!

Now that's a treat that I can certainly fit in to the budget!!! Now if I could just buy their figures for that cheap, life would be perfect!

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