Monday, October 13, 2008


We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend - patches (plural), actually. The one place we went had all these great squash. Butternut were $1 each. Acorn and Sweet Potato squash were only $0.75. I got several and am beginning my baby food making adventure. Jars of stage 1 on sale are usually at least 2 for a $1 with stage 2 being as much as $1 each. Since 1 squash makes at least 2 ice cube trays (about 24) servings, I should come out way ahead on this one. Even if she doesn't like it, I'm only out a dollar per squash.

I'm going to try a couple of these recipes for baby food. There are also a couple toddler friendly ones I want to try. I also plan on trying a trick I heard about at the patch. She said to put the whole squash in the over for about 10 minutes first. It's supposed to make it easier to cut and peel. She then bakes it face down (without any water) for the remainder of the time. I have several so I figured I would try them a couple different ways. FUN!!!

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