Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm going there!

Okay, I've tried to avoid any political talk on the blog... but I feel there are a few things that need to be said. I need to vent. I was listening to the tail end of Dave Ramsey this morning (which I'll get to in a minute). Then, the Mike Gallagher show came on. I would probably consider myself a conservative democrat, so it's not too surprising that I might disagree with him on several issues. This morning pissed me off so much that I was actually yelling at the radio. Since this is some thing I give Tim a hard time about, I figured it was time for me to shut it off and come here instead.

He was saying how he couldn't believe that NONE of the mainstream media was covering the stock market rally yesterday. He then went on to say that it's obvious that the reason they weren't talking about it is because they are all pro-Obama and that a positive step in the economy is a negative for Obama. I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but even if I concede that the media is more liberal and pro-Obama this argument is still ridiculous. The reason the economy rallied yesterday is because the U.S. Government stepped in and took a very Democratic stance on the economy. Even Republicans would have to admit the decisions have been a complete 180 turn from the standard hands-off, free market Republican approach of this administration. So saying that the rally would hurt Obama is stupid. The recent decisions made are far more left wing than right, so the fact that they are working actually gives credence to the Democratic candidate and philosophies. Of course, when you are a narrow minded right wing media show... you are going to see the spin exactly the way you want it.

Which brings me to my point. I'm so tired of people (on both sides) complaining about how the other side of the ticket being so narrow minded and twisting things to serve their purpose when they are doing exactly the same thing. I'm so tired of POLITICS in general right now that I tend to avoid the news because I'm sick of hearing this, that, and the other. The mud-slinging is such a turn off. It makes me want to scream.

I also have to say that I don't agree with Dave on some of his right-winged opinions. I do believe that the government has a responsibility to help the people in our country. Don't complain about the billions we're going to spend in our own country and then support spending billions on a war half-way across the world. I've been in other parts of the world. I've also been in some of the roughest areas of our own country. Trust me, the money is needed here. Not every one that receives government assistance is a lazy bum that is working the system. And if you actually believe that things are equal for the lower class and upper (or even upper-middle) class, I challenge you to go to some of these inner-city schools and take a look at the conditions.

I am glad that Dave supports charitable giving, but it's unrealistic to expect that every one is doing this. We haven't even attended, let alone tithed to, our church in months. It doesn't mean we can't afford to, it just means it's not a priority for us. We're focusing on our debt and I believe we need to take care of that first, but I'd be naive to think that every one that was debt free or could afford giving a little to others was doing so. I have no problem paying a couple extra percentage points in taxes to do what I can't justify doing with my take-home money. Besides, we already do it on a regular basis. If we can spend billions to bail out wall street, we can spend billions on main street too. I'm not supporting new spending, but it's going to happen any way. I just don't want to hear any more about the poor millionaires having to pay more to help out the majority.

Okay, vent over! No more politics on this site, I promise.

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